10 gg tech predictions for 2022: unmanned delivery, Zuckerberg’s metaverse, and the foldable iPhone

10 gg tech predictions for 2022: unmanned delivery, Zuckerberg’s metaverse, and the foldable iPhone

10 gg tech predictions for 2022: unmanned delivery, the Zuckerberg metaverse, and the foldable iPhone

Among the pleasant traditions established long ago in a galaxy far, far away, the editors of gg have a prediction of our future with you. For us, this is another opportunity to evaluate the results of the outgoing year, to see what technologies and trends have appeared, developed or demonstrated potential for growth. And give your assessment – which of them will be developed and continued in the next calendar year. The list consists of 10 items, each of which has equal priority over the others. And here is what, according to the editors, awaits us in 2022.

Forecasts for 2021: 6 out of 10 came true

Any forecasts are of little interest without evaluating their performance, so first we recall what we wrote about in a similar forecast for 2021. And let’s check which of them came true, and which, on the contrary, incorrectly influenced our intuition and calculations.

1. Mass transition of smartphones to displays with a frequency of 90 hertz and higher ✅

Out of 284 smartphones that Rozetka currently sells (excluding the marketplace), 91 models have a screen refresh rate of 60 hertz. 34 models boast a frequency of 90 hertz, but 75 models have a screen refresh rate of 120 hertz, and 7 (these are Asus, ZTE gaming smartphones and the Motorola Moto Edge 20 that joined them) already have 144 hertz. There is no data for another 77 data models in the site’s database, but it is already clear that the trend has taken place, and the frequency of 60 hertz is gradually becoming a thing of the past in smartphone screens. We are sure that this can already be considered a mass phenomenon.

2. The appearance on the market of smartphones with a sub-screen front camera ✅

If last year we first got acquainted with the technology of the front camera hidden under the screen in the Axon 20 5G smartphone, which https://jiji.ng/mobile-phones/samsung-galaxy-s8-plus was not officially sold on our market, then this year the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 appeared, which is freely sold, and which also there is a sub-screen camera. The technology is still imperfect and will certainly improve (ZTE has already released the second version of its smartphone, where it improved the camera, but it is also not officially sold here). Therefore, this technology cannot yet be called mass-produced, but the fact remains that such a smartphone has appeared on sale.

3. Using ultra-fast charging technology ✅

Fast charging is something we all love and appreciate so much that we are even ready to sacrifice battery wear (in fairness, after 2 years of daily charging, any battery will lose its capacity, regardless of what type of charging is used, therefore, from the point of view of the consumer, this threat can be neglected). This year saw the launch of the Xiaomi 11T Pro smartphone, which is fully charged in just 20 minutes (and we were convinced of this) thanks to the monstrous 120-watt charger that comes with the smartphone. You can also remember the OnePlus Nord 2 5G model, which is not for sale here, but you can buy it on AliExpress. And which charges in 35 minutes (which we also tested). That is, the technology is used, and there is reason to believe that it will continue to develop and appear in more smartphones.

4. realme will enter the top 3 smartphone sales in the Ukrainian market ❌

But this forecast did not come true from the word at all. According to the results of the 3rd quarter of 2021, realme (the results of the year will be known closer to spring) did not even make it into the top five. If two modern giants – Xiaomi and Samsung, whose positions are now unattainable, are fighting for the first two places, then the third place is a challenge prize, which most often goes to Tecno smartphones. Which clearly bypass all other players in matters of distribution and presence on the shelves in stores. It is a pity that realme was never able to reveal its potential, the brand had chances.

5. Huawei will release the first smartphone on the Harmony operating system, it will be budget ❌

Another failed prediction. That is, of course, Huawei released its first smartphones on its own Harmony operating system, but the company immediately went for broke and first introduced the flagship smartphone Huawei P50, although the first device on Harmony was the Huawei MatePad 11 tablet. And only then was the Nova 9 smartphone announced. in the middle price segment.

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